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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: May 14, 2010 7:43am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Transitions vs. medleys

It is one of the biggest complaints I have with the 80's>, Dead ; the 2nd sets connecting "jams" are so perfunctory , and rushed ( "come on, lets get this done, I want to ( fill in vice )...). It is especially annoying when they do get something special going , and it gets chopped . How many times I wish Bob would let the Jerry ballad go longer ,or at least give it a tasteful fade-down, or transition . I would love to have heard "Days Between" go on , and deeper . I always judge a "Wheel", by how much they float around in the beginning , and how spacey it is .
The example you give surprises me a bit, as in 78, they could still do the transition thing . For comparison, I checked the the same transition on 1/10/78 ( I was at the show), and yes it is a pretty quick jump to FT from WR, but some of the transitions earlier in the set are more drawn out . Also, in 78 , there are "Wharf Rats" that do take it out longer , and lovingly so . At this period, they seem to have a bigger variety of transitions, everything from the quick jump, to long slow transitional jams .
I remember a Head I worked with, saying this in the mid 80's " I wish they would just end the song, rather than have these fake segues " . It was almost like , "Oh we are the Grateful Dead, so we have to have every song in our 2nd set go together ".